Our people are our DNA.

Our success—and your success—all begin with one thing. Our people.

From our advisors, who are part of the top 1% who hold both CFP® and CFA® designations to our CPAs with over 100 years of combined experience, we pride ourselves on offering only the highest level of expertise and education. However, we know that knowledge is only half of what is needed to create success. The other half is trust. Trust that starts with getting to know you, your goals, and your situation. Trust that our fiduciaries are legally bound to serving your best interests.

The Team

  1. Drew Grider, CFA
    Drew Grider, CFA
  2. Brian Dorn, AIF<sup>®</sup>
    Brian Dorn, AIF®
    Chief Investment Officer
  3. Kevin Prendergast, CFP<sup>®</sup>, CFA
    Kevin Prendergast, CFP®, CFA
    Director of Wealth Management
  4. Chris McManama
    Chris McManama
    Chief Operating Officer
  5. Zach Gordon, CPA
    Zach Gordon, CPA
    Director of Tax Services
  6. Timothy F Crandall, CPA
    Timothy F Crandall, CPA
    Wealth Advisor
  7. Christopher J Crandall, CPA
    Christopher J Crandall, CPA
    Wealth Advisor
  8. Jean Baert, CPA, CFP<sup>®</sup>, AIF<sup>®</sup>
    Jean Baert, CPA, CFP®, AIF®
    Wealth Advisor
  9. Charles Hartman
    Charles Hartman
    Wealth Advisor
  10. Chris Dieckow, CFA<sup>®</sup>, CWS<sup>®</sup>
    Chris Dieckow, CFA®, CWS®
    Wealth Advisor
  11. MaKinzie Stack
    MaKinzie Stack
    Relationship Manager
  12. Wendi Svitak
    Wendi Svitak
    Relationship Manager
  13. Perry Argiropoulos
    Perry Argiropoulos
    Operations Analyst
  14. Kelly Kovasic
    Kelly Kovasic
    Client Service Specialist
  15. Connor Longust
    Connor Longust
    Client Service Specialist
  16. Laura Chamness
    Laura Chamness
    Client Service Specialist
  17. Kathy Maddox
    Kathy Maddox
    Office Manager
  18. Michele Tomlinson
    Michele Tomlinson
    System Analyst
  19. Jacob Bice
    Jacob Bice
    Client Service Specialist



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