Our Purpose

At Leelyn Smith, we don’t see success as a destination, but a journey. Something to be enjoyed today and for generations to come. That’s why we do things a little differently. We believe in more listening. More caring. More hard work. That’s what fuels us. And that’s how we create personalized, holistic plans to pursue financial independence for each and every one of our clients—and their families.

  • 115+ Yrs Experience
  • 900+ Families Served
  • 31 States Served

We Make It Personal

  • Our Advisors Are Fiduciaries

    That means we are legally bound to act in your best interest. More than an advisor. A financial confidant.

  • Your Plan Is Just For You

    We create a plan based on your specific situation, wants, and needs.

  • Fair And Transparent Compensation

    No hidden fees. No commissions. Your financial independence is our success.

  • We Are Not Salespeople

    We offer our guidance.

  • A Focus On Family

    We plan for success that can be enjoyed today — and for generations to come.

Our Approach

Holistic Planning

Wealth is not one-dimensional. Neither is wealth management. We take a 360 approach by offering a full toolkit of guidance to help you achieve financial independence, from taxes to wealth management to family office.

Listen + Ask

Crafting the right path to success begins with understanding your wants, needs, and situations. We believe in communication. Asking questions. And listening more than we speak.

Prioritize + Personalize

This is a very customized process for each one of our clients. Once we learn about them and begin to understand your needs, we help them prioritize their needs and begin to design a personalized plan. This often times takes us in several directions – family, tax, investments, college, estate plan, income, cash flow, etc.

Implement + Monitor

Due to the complexity and unique nature of each family’s plan, it requires a tremendous amount of both organization and flexibility from the advisory team. To do this effectively, we employ an Agile Project Management approach to ensure our team can be on top of every detail and be nimble as the family’s needs evolve over time.

Compensation Transparency

Our compensation structure is simple, transparent, and above all, designed to pursue your family’s success. If you’d like more information on our compensation, just ask.

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