Family Office

Family Office

We protect your family’s wealth.
And your values.

Family. Matters.

What defines success in life? Is it wealth? Health? Accolades? What you accomplish? Or what you leave behind?

At Leelyn Smith, we don’t see success as a destination, but a journey. And rarely is it defined by a single individual. Success is more often a family affair. Which allows us to offer a more personalized approach to help our clients manage wealth. Leelyn Smith puts your family first because we are motivated to provide you with financial independence. Our financial confidantes and fiduciaries, legally bound to act in your best interests, work with you step-by-step to create customized solutions. Putting your family needs at the forefront through a comprehensive suite of services — including investment strategies, portfolio management, estate planning, retirement income, tax, and cash flow planning. All to ensure your financial independence translates to personal success — to be enjoyed today and for generations to come. Perhaps, that is why the best businesses run like a family. Fueled by a combination of hard work, commitment, and caring. Because when it comes to defining success, we know family matters.

Client Success Stories

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The Family Office Evolved

If you are someone who has attained a very high level of financial prosperity, your perspective begins to evolve over time. Rather than concerns such as saving for your retirement or your children’s college, a much larger question begins to come to mind – how do I share my wealth in a way that best helps my family and the world around me?

From pursuing future generation’s financial success, to passing along your family values, to maximizing the way you give to charity, this is an incredibly personal and complex journey. And one that our Family Office Team excels in leading, culminating with what we call a Family Board Meeting.

Service Offerings

Wealth management and tax services, plus:

  • Annual Family Board Meeting

    Multi-generational family meetings designed to educate and advise on successive wealth.

  • Legacy Planning
  • Philanthropic Planning

Coordination of Professionals:

Including legal, tax, real estate, business, insurance, medical, and travel.
  • Foundation Administration*
  • Trustee Services*
  • Bill Payment Services*

*These services are provided through a third party.

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