Wealth Management

Wealth Management

We focus on the little things. Without losing sight of the big picture.

Our Process is Personalized.

  • We listen when others talk.

    We want to get to know you so we can create a plan that best suits your current situation and future goals.

  • Our plans are tailored. Not one-size-fits all.

    We work to ensure your path to financial independence is the most effective.

  • We sweat the small stuff.

    We take an active approach to managing your portfolio. We stay hands-on. Agile. And forward thinking. We work to ensure that your portfolio moves less, costs less, and does better.

  • We don’t sell our own products. Because we don’t have any.

    We don’t try to push proprietary investment products.

  • We’re in it for the long haul.

    You’ll never have to worry about finding a new advisor as you reach retirement. We’ll be right by your side.

What is a fiduciary?

A fiduciary is a financial advisor that is bound by law to act in your best interest. While other advisors operating under “suitability standards” can act to serve themselves, the guidance and decisions you receive from a fiduciary must all be formulated to help you and your goals.

Personalized Portfolio

Success is a journey. And like all journeys, everyone’s route is different. That’s why we take the time to listen, ask questions, and learn about your goals—and then craft a custom portfolio to help you pursue them.

Our Approach to Investing

Our entire approach to investing is designed to give clients confidence that their wealth is being managed in a way that is designed to pursue their goals across market cycles.

This approach is built on seven core beliefs that we have developed, refined, and affirmed over our careers as investors.

  • 1

    Economic progress is the engine that builds long-term wealth.

    We believe in the power of long-term economic growth—and that staying invested and not trying to “time the market” is the best way to build wealth.

  • 2

    Planning and investing create a positive feedback loop.

    Combining a customized financial plan with an investment strategy that accounts for each investor’s unique risk tolerance and goals leads to behavior that supports long-term success.

  • 3

    Emotions are among the greatest risks facing investors.

    In addition to market risk, we also pay very close attention to managing the emotions and psychological biases that can derail an investment strategy.

  • 4

    Indexing is helpful, but not optimal.

    Passive investment strategies that seek to mirror market returns while minimizing costs can be a helpful starting point—but there are many ways to improve on pure indexing.

  • 5

    Low volatility and competitive advantages improve risk-adjusted returns.

    We seek to outperform the broader market over time and reduce risk by focusing on stocks that are less volatile and companies that have sustainable advantages.

  • 6

    Fees and taxes matter—a lot.

    We minimize transaction costs and taxes to maximize the amount our clients get to keep.

  • 7

    True diversification comes from multiple angles.

    Reducing risk requires being diversified—not just among companies, sectors, and asset classes, but across investment strategies.

Learn more about our approach to investing: Confidence Driven by Conviction

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Service Offerings

  • Financial planning

    We use knowledge and education to create a personalized plan to guide your financial decisions and pursue your goals.

  • Tax planning and preparation

    We use our knowledge and expertise in leveraging every opportunity to reduce the impact of taxes on your wealth.

  • Investment management

    We use an active and agile management style to ensure that your investments take advantage of every opportunity.

  • Insurance analysis

    Our expert analysis provides solutions to protect your assets from disaster without overpaying for insurance you don’t need.

  • Estate planning

    Our array of comprehensive services safeguards your wealth so it can be enjoyed, and for generations to come.

  • Legacy planning

    We ensure that both your family’s wealth and your family values will be passed on to future generations.

  • Debt structure and analysis

    We evaluate your debt and craft a plan to guide you out of it.

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